Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Nearly Doxxed, Report Shows

Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Nearly Doxed, Report Shows

( – The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is currently underway in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The case is being described as the most consequential self-defense trial since Floridian George Zimmerman was acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin. For that reason, the jury is especially vulnerable, and it turns out someone’s targeting them.

On November 9, Wisconsin Judge Bruce Schroeder spoke to the court, revealing that someone was caught recording the Rittenhouse jury that morning. Police officers reportedly approached the person who was recording and told them to delete the video. Schroeder told the officers he wants them to confiscate the phone and bring it to him if it happens again.

Judge Schroeder has also received a large amount of hate mail, including threats.

The identities of jury members are typically kept private, especially in high-profile trials. That’s to protect them from threats, intimidation, and jury tampering. All of those could lead to mistrials and put cases at risk.

The criminal justice system relies on impartial juries and judges to hand down verdicts and sentences. Creating a situation that puts those who serve at risk could cause the system to break down. From the onset, Schroeder has made it clear he isn’t playing games; he intends to hold a fair trial and protect the jurors from those who wish to interrupt the proceedings. As for the threats against him, the judge has continued carrying out his duties despite the potential danger.

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