Large-Scale US Deployment Engaged

Large-Scale US Deployment Engaged

In preparation for a potential conflict in Iran, roughly 3,500 soldiers mobilized and were deployed to the Middle East. These soldiers are members of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The mass mobilization is one of the largest rapid deployments in recent decades.

Fort Bragg is often cited as one of America’s most influential and important military installations. Over 50,000 military personnel are stationed there, which is around 10% of the Army’s forces. While the fort has been on high alert ever since 9/11, this mass deployment on such short notice has had a substantial impact on friends and family of servicemembers stationed there.

Surrounding communities are taking action to show their support including doughnut donations and storytelling sessions for military children. Meanwhile, soldiers prepared equipment and vehicles to depart the base during rainy weather.

While many friends and family weren’t prepared for this sudden turn of events, everyone in and around Fort Bragg is doing their part to support our troops.

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