Latinos Align With Trump

Latinos Align With Trump
  • 28% of Latino voters supported Donald Trump in 2016. 
  • In September 2019, the Trump Administration sent $120 million to aid Venezuelan refugees.
  • Latino voters say immigration is not the most important issue.
  • Trump’s support among Hispanics is larger than it was 4 years ago. 

( – If you’ve watched the mainstream media over the last four years you’d probably walk away thinking President Donald Trump hates Latinos. The Left accuses him of ripping families apart and putting kids in cages. Democrats claim they’re the only party who can save Hispanic voters and their loved ones. It’s a neverending barrage of propaganda — and it’s anything but true.

Not only does the president care about Latinos, but their values are often aligned as well.

The Same Value System

Some pundits seem to believe that immigration is the number one issue on the minds of Latino voters.

The Pew Research Center asked Hispanic voters what they most wanted the government to address and their answers aren’t far off from the president’s priorities.

  • 73% want to improve education in America
  • 69% believe protecting our country from terrorism is a top priority
  • 66% would like to see the economy strengthened
  • 54% worry about healthcare costs
  • 46% said dealing with immigration is important

Immigration was their last priority. That’s because not every Latino has family members who are illegal aliens. Their families have either been here for many generations or they migrated here through the proper channels — meaning legally.

The Sanctity of Life

Another issue that’s very important to many Latino voters is abortion. The Public Religion Research Institute took a survey of Hispanic Americans and found 48% do not support the procedure. President Trump is working hard to ensure the US respects the sanctity of life. In his 2020 State of the Union Address, the president called for a ban on all late-term abortions.

He stands with Latinos on that issue.

Trump Supports Immigrants Too

On the topic of immigration, there’s no doubt the president is tough. He believes strong borders are important for the country’s well-being. That doesn’t mean he’s a monster. Trump supported refugees from Venezuela, offering more than $100 million in aid.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the Trump Administration took steps to protect immigrants who were seeking green cards and citizenship. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) notified people that COVID-19 tests and treatment would not impact their status. Also, green card holders who are waiting for a naturalization appointment are able to reschedule without penalty. Finally, deportations for certain offenders are being paused until the virus is under control.

Trump Can Do More With Four More Years

Despite what the Left and the media say, the president supports Latino voters very much. He cares about the issues that are important to them. Trump supports refugees and even made sure his administration helped immigrants during a pandemic. If President Trump is re-elected, it’s safe to assume you’ll see more of the same during his second term. Progress can only happen if people vote in November.

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  1. The Demo’s have been messing with President Trump far too long. Since he started. I believe he is owed four more years plus. Native Americans for Trump 2020!

  2. President Trump is the first president for as far back as I can remember who kept every promise he made, who puts America first in all he does, who doesn’t have someone else pulling the strings, first President to make progress with south Korea and not back down, who uses our military when needed, who started making other nations pay for our military protection, and there’s so many other things that the list just goes on! The SAD thing about all of this, he’s done it all with the wolves attacking him from all directions. They don’t ever let up. They don’t give him time to breathe. They are out for his blood, and he needs our help! Any other President would have given up and said the hell with all of you. Not Trump, he still has our back. Can you imagine what this country could accomplish if we all stopped scheming and back stabbing one another, and worked together. There would be no stopping us. AMERICA would truly be great again. Go TRUMP 2020!

    • amen , we the people means all the people even the Democrats who can’t see the forest for the trees, maga means all of America. most people that l know have no problem with immigrants as long as they are legal immigrants. what American doesn’t want America to be great?

  3. The megerety of the American people like what Pres. TRUMP does for this country. It is the aposition party that brainwashing and srering people.
    They are hoping by csaring everybody will alect them, the Demicrates. Thank God, they are not succeeding. The people see the hard, positive work this President is doing. Stay together America…reelect Pres. TRUMP. THE BEST TIME IS COMMING. WE WERE ON THE ROAD, BUT THIS VIRUS MAKES THING DIFFICULT RIGHT NOW. MAYBE FITING AGAINST THIS VIRUS WILL BRING US TOGETHER.THER IS NO DEMOCRET-REPOBLICAN VIRUS! DO NOT USE POLITICS AS A VEPON.

  4. So True ! It’s nice to have a president that actually does what they say they are going to do. Put America first and Protect are Rights!

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