Latinos Come Out in Force for Trump

Latinos Come Out in Force for Trump

( – Democrats have always counted on the Latino vote to help them win elections. This time around, however, they helped Republicans.

In Florida, more Latinos voted for President Donald Trump in 2020 than in 2016. Exit polls showed almost half of Hispanic voters cast ballots for the incumbent. On top of that, voter turnout was underwhelming for Joe Biden in Miami-Dade County, something Democratic leaders begged the candidate to pay attention to last week.

There are many reasons for the strong support among Latinos for Trump. First, the far-left agenda that reeks of Socialism turned off Cuban and Venezuelan voters. Second, Biden was the vice president to Barack Obama, who immigration activists referred to as the “deporter-in-chief.”

The former administration deported millions of Hispanics throughout its tenure, which led to a deep distrust among the community and Democrats. Biden never addressed that problem sufficiently in the eyes of many. Meanwhile, President Trump spent a lot of time and money courting Latinos, and it looks like it paid off.

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