Laura Ingraham Predicts Biden Will Deliver “Ruin, Not Results”

Laura Ingraham Predicts Biden Will Deliver

( – President Donald Trump has made a lot of progress fixing the mess the previous presidents left for him. He started drawing down troops overseas, getting rid of regulations, and draining the swamp. One Fox News star is warning America about what a Joe Biden administration might do to those accomplishments.

On Monday, November 30, Laura Ingraham told her viewers that if Biden is declared the winner of the presidential race, he might “return to the failed policies of the past.” She explained the Bible warns of “false prophets,” and they’re very much alive in politics. These are people who make all kinds of promises, like Biden did, and only deliver “ruin, not results.”

The election results are not final. President Trump could still win if he’s victorious in court, but the American people should prepare themselves for a Biden administration anyway. Part of that preparation includes watching his actions, not listening to his words.

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