Law Enforcement Reports Disturbing Trend North of the Border

Law Enforcement Reports Disturbing Trend North of the Border

( – President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have not solved the crisis on the border nearly five months into the administration. What’s worse is that the crisis is spreading. Two Texas sheriffs are now speaking out about how dangerous human smuggling has become.

On June 9, the Washington Examiner reported Victoria County Sheriff Justin Marr and Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback said cartels who are smuggling migrants are becoming a problem on Texas highways. Marr said cartels are “a lot more aggressive” and have “no regard for life, liberty, or property.” He explained that the smugglers don’t care about the people they are bringing into the country, families on the road, or police officers. Louderback said, “They’re better, faster. They’re stronger. They’re more funded.”

Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson criticized the Biden administration over the issue.

While smuggling makes American highways more dangerous, the Biden administration isn’t making much progress. That means more people will likely be smuggled and citizens could even be hurt while traveling on roads that should be safe. How much violence has to occur before they do something about it?

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