Lawmaker Admits to Affair With “ISIS Bride”

Lawmaker Admits to Affair With

( – On Wednesday, March 2, US Rep. Van Taylor (R-TX) announced he was dropping out of his reelection primary. The news came hours after he failed to win his primary with the 50% he needed to secure the GOP nomination. The reason? An affair with a woman tabloids have called the “ISIS bride.”

In an email to his supporters, the Republican Representative admitted he “made a horrible mistake” that caused his family to suffer “deep hurt and pain.” He told his constituents that he had an affair and it “was the greatest failure” of his life. The congressman apologized to his wife, three daughters, and those who supported him while he was in office.

According to a bombshell report by Breitbart News, Taylor allegedly had an affair with a woman named Tania Joya. He’s accused of paying her $5,000 to stay quiet about the alleged affair. The conservative news outlet allegedly obtained bank records showing she deposited the money into her account.

Joya, 38, was once married to John Georgelas, an American who joined the Islamic State in 2013. She escaped ISIS in Syria and moved to Texas. In an interview with the New York Post, she claimed she loved the congressman and thought he would one day marry her. She’s the one who allegedly told his wife.

Taylor claims he and his wife are working to repair their marriage.

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