Lawmaker Caught With $8,000 in Underwear During Police Raid

Lawmaker Caught With $8,000 in Underwear During Police Raid

( – The misappropriation of coronavirus funds has been a problem in the US over recent months. Apparently, America isn’t the only country grappling with the problem.

On October 14, federal police in Brazil raided Senator Chico Rodrigues as part of an investigation of misuse of COVID-19 funds. As the officers were searching the lawmaker’s home, they noticed a bulge under his shorts. They searched him and by the end of it retrieved nearly $8,000 from his underwear.

The senator later resigned.

In the US, the DOJ is also taking action against high-profile people accused of scamming the government. In September, the FBI announced the arrest of an NFL player.

Obviously, alleged corruption isn’t unique to the US. COVID-19 fraud is taking place around the world. Fortunately, governments are putting their foot down and punishing those who may have stolen from the people during this crisis.

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