Lawsuit Brought Against Pelosi, January 6th Committee by RNC

Lawsuit Brought Against Pelosi, January 6th Committee by RNC

( – On February 23, the January 6 Committee subpoenaed Salesforce, a company that collects and maintains data for the Republican National Committee (RNC). The committee wants to see records on the performance of email campaigns by the RNC, former President Donald Trump, and his campaign. The national party is now suing the committee to stop Democratic lawmakers.

On March 9, the RNC filed a lawsuit against the January 6 Committee and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to stop the Left from obtaining the records. Chief Counsel Justin Riemer said the information the committee wants is “confidential,” and it would reveal “internal activities of the Republican Party and millions of its supporters” that have nothing to do with the attack on the Capitol.

In a statement, the RNC called the subpoena a move by the committee to use the government to “unlawfully seize the private and sensitive information” from political parties.

The committee maintains it needs the Salesforce records to investigate whether the RNC and Trump were using the vendor’s platform to spread false statements about the 2020 election. They claimed many of the defendants in the criminal cases that stemmed from that day were motivated by false information.

The RNC believes it’s a violation of the First Amendment.

Do you think Pelosi and her committee should have access to that information?

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