Lawsuit Claims 40,000+ Fake Ballots Were Pushed for Joe Biden in Detroit

Lawsuit Claims 40,000+ Fake Ballots Were Pushed for Joe Biden in Detroit
  • Roughly 40,000 ballots in Detroit are being questioned.
  • An organization is accusing election officials of encouraging fraud in Wayne County, Michigan. 
  • President Donald Trump is fighting in multiple states to ensure only legal votes are counted. 
  • All state disputes must be settled by December 8.

( – The 2020 election is the first disputed presidential race since Al Gore vs. George Bush 20 years ago. Lawsuits are flying more than a week after the November 3 election. President Donald Trump has filed multiple suits against states, including a dispute he recently won against Pennsylvania. Thankfully, he’s not the only one fighting to ensure the election was secure.

A suit filed in Michigan on November 8 is particularly disturbing. If the allegations pan out, it could spell disaster for the state.

40,000 Bad Votes?

The lawsuit filed by a conservative nonprofit group, Great Lakes Justice Center, outlines shady activity that was allegedly happening in Wayne County, where Detroit is located. The organization is accusing election officials of overseeing and encouraging fraud that impacted tens of thousands of votes.

The legal organization says it has proof that “approximately 40,000” ballots were brought to a voting precinct in the early hours of November 4. Eyewitnesses say the votes were counted and only given to Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit in the county. The president’s legal team claims poll watchers were not permitted access to ensure the votes were counted correctly. They also claim ineligible ballots may have been counted in the race.

Lawsuits All-Around

President Trump is fighting hard to make sure every legal vote in the US counts. On Thursday, November 12, his campaign won a challenge in Pennsylvania over an extension of the deadline people had to meet to fix their ballots that had identification issues.

In Georgia, the state is recounting all of its ballots, by hand, to ensure the account was correct. And Arizona audited their results, as well.

If the president is going to lose re-election, at least the American people will know the election was fair.

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