Liberal Mayor Impedes Police

Liberal Mayor Impedes Police

( – Portland, OR, is not a place many people would like to visit lately. The city has experienced unrest nightly for more than 100 days. One of President Donald Trump’s supporters was even murdered in the city recently. So, why is the Democratic mayor making the situation worse?

On September 10, Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) told the city’s police officers they’re no longer allowed to use tear gas to disperse violent crowds. In a video, the Democrat said the officers “need something different” to break up the groups.

President Donald Trump and other Republican officials have repeatedly slammed the mayor’s response to the unrest. The leftist leader has repeatedly attacked the president, but done next to nothing to get the city under control.

For more than three months, violent agitators have rioted, destroyed property, attacked police, and even murdered someone. The situation is out of control and taking away a non-lethal tool from officers could be considered a dereliction of duty.

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