Liberal Politicians Decry Mass Shooting as White Supremacy—Without Regard to a Glaring Fact

Liberal Politicians Decry Mass Shooting as White Supremacy—Without Regard to a Glaring Fact
  • Eleven people were murdered in the Monterey Park shooting. 
  • Democrats immediately blamed white people for the crime.
  • An Asian man is believed to be the murderer.
  • Another shooting took place less than 48 hours later, killing seven, and the suspect there was also Asian.

( – Whenever there is a mass shooting in the US, there are two things that are always true: families will be left to pick up the pieces long after the media is gone, and politicians will turn the incident into a partisan battle. Every single time people are injured and killed in one of these senseless tragedies, lawmakers almost immediately begin speaking out.

That was the case after a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California. Before the families even had a chance to grieve, politicians began tweeting about the incident. Democratic lawmakers got it all wrong in their initial messages.

Divisiveness After A Tragedy

On January 21, a man walked into the Star Ballroom Dance Studio and opened fire on guests who were celebrating the Lunar New Year. The victims of the massacre were all Asian, and it happened in a primarily Asian neighborhood. Ten people were initially pronounced dead, but that number crept up to 11 in the days after.

Instead of trying to bring the country together after the Monterey Park shooting, several Democrats posted divisive messages online. They latched onto the fact that the shooting happened in an Asian neighborhood.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) posted a message on Twitter and claimed a possible motive for the shooting on “bigotry” toward the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Rep. Francesca Hong, a Democratic representative for the Wisconsin State Assembly, tweeted about the massacre as well. She expressed her condolences to the families. Then, instead of waiting for information from law enforcement, the state rep. made a bold statement by blaming the incident on “mass shootings and white supremacy.”

While Democrats were busy blaming so-called white supremacists, authorities were busy investigating, and soon, it became obvious just how wrong the Left was about everything.

Democrats Speak Too Soon

On Sunday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the shooting, Robert Luna with the LA County Sheriff’s Department released a statement identifying the suspect as an Asian male. Not a white, conservative male but a member of the neighborhood’s own community.

The Left’s rush to judgment was another example of the behavior that continues to divide America.

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