Liberal Puerto Rico Votes in Favor of US Statehood (REPORT)

Liberal Puerto Rico Votes in Favor of US Statehood (REPORT)

( – On Tuesday, November 3, Puerto Ricans went to the polls, too. Not only did they vote for local officials, but also on a major referendum: whether the US territory should become a state.

Puerto Ricans voted 52% to 48% in favor of becoming the 51st state. This was the second time in three years the US territory indicated it would like to officially become a state.

The last time a bill for statehood was introduced in Congress, it died. Puerto Rico’s vote on Tuesday was symbolic and non-binding. It’s also important to note citizens of the country just barely voted in favor of statehood. Further, turnout for the election was a sad 51%.

If Puerto Rico ever becomes an official state, it would give Democrats a boost. Its citizens are able to vote in US elections if they live on the mainland and they often support the Left. However, the territory is unlikely to actually become a state any time soon, dashing Liberals hopes of gaining new voters who live on the island.

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