Lindsay Graham Is Donating $500k to Trump Campaign’s Legal Efforts

Lindsay Graham Is Donating $500k to Trump Campaign's Legal Efforts
  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) won re-election on November 3.
  • The Trump Campaign is in a battle with states to ensure vote counts are correct.
  • Results from the election for the presidential race are still unclear.
  • President Donald Trump is now suing to maintain the integrity of the election.

( – In the months leading up to the 2020 election, Republicans tried to sound the alarm about mail-in voting. They said it would lead to chaos and uncertainty. That’s exactly what happened. Now, President Donald Trump is suing multiple states, trying to make sure only legal ballots are being counted.

In order to make sure states aren’t committing crimes and counting illegal ballots, the Trump Campaign will have to pay a massive legal bill. Fortunately, people like Senator Lindsey Graham are helping the president.

Graham’s Gift

On November 5, Senator Graham announced he was donating $500,000 to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. The senator said the president will need the money for the impending legal battle. He explained that he was standing with Trump because “he stood with me.”

Graham went on to say Trump is the reason the Republican Party will likely hold on to the Senate and pick up seats in the House of Representatives. The money is reportedly going to come from the senator’s campaign account. He raised more than $100 million to fight off challenger Jamie Harrison in South Carolina.

Trump Campaign Slams Vote Counts

President Trump spoke to the American people two days after the election and expressed concern about the election results. He maintains he is winning re-election if only the legal ballots are being counted. The problem, he believes, is that states may be counting votes that arrived at precincts late, or were cast by illegal voters.

To ensure the results are legitimate and the American people can trust the election, the president is going to continue to fight. If Joe Biden is waiting for him to concede, he will be waiting for a long time.

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