Lindsey Graham Calls For Special Counsel to Investigate Biden

Lindsey Graham Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate Biden


  • Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation for tax crimes. 
  • Republicans want to insulate the probe from meddling if Joe Biden wins the presidential race. 
  • President Donald Trump recently said he has not gotten involved despite the media reporting otherwise.
  • Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings were outed by the New York Post in October.

( – The country recently learned Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is under investigation for possible tax crimes. Apparently, the probe has been going on for months, but Attorney General William Barr kept it a secret before the presidential election. Although the winner of the presidential race has not been officially determined, Republicans are taking steps to prepare for the worst.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is trying to protect the probe into the younger Biden just in case his father somehow makes it into the White House.

Biden Special Counsel

On December 16, Graham said he would like to see a special counsel appointed to continue the investigation into Hunter Biden. He explained that he wants to make sure that Joe’s son doesn’t present a “conflict” in regards to his business dealings. Specifically, his connections to China and Ukraine.

He pointed out the fact that Democrats thought the DOJ needed a special counsel to look into President Donald Trump and Russia, so why would they think “there’s no need for a special counsel regarding Hunter Biden?”

What Would a Special Counsel Accomplish?

Imagine a worst-case scenario for a moment. Biden is sworn into office on January 20th, and immediately pressures the DOJ to stop the probe into Hunter. He doesn’t even have to do it overtly, maybe he just throws roadblocks up, like classifying material. Anything is possible.

If the DOJ appoints a special counsel now, it will make it very difficult for Biden to interfere in the investigation. That’s the same excuse the Left used when they called on the Trump administration to appoint someone to the Russia investigation. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?

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