Local News Stations In Trouble

Local News Stations In Trouble

(NewsReady.com) – Overlooking some industries is easy to do these days, especially as we focus on those that are essential, like grocery stores and delivery services. Local businesses are being hit hard and many are receiving assistance from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers are calling for the PPP to cover local newspapers and broadcasting stations.

News organizations were already in trouble before this pandemic with a 25% reduction of newsroom employment between 2008 and 2018. It’s estimated that 1,800 newspapers have closed down since 2004. Gannett Co., the largest newspaper publisher and parent company to papers like the Los Angeles Times, is slashing its expenses this year by $100 to $125 million.

Meg James, a journalist at the Los Angeles Times, tweeted about why local newspapers are so important.

People may tend to pay attention to national news sources, but ground-level reporting frequently comes from local sources. Newspapers and broadcast stations offer coverage tailored to their community, playing an essential role in keeping that community connected. As it stands now, the COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc on local newspapers at a time when local news is essential.

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  2. My local Gannet newspaper here in Florida is so bias left that if it went any further left, it would end up in the Gulf of Mexico. When I was in college back in the late 1950’s I had a professor who taught Economics, Accounting and Finance. He told his students that the New York Times was so bias and printed false information, that if his students used the NYT as a reference source, he would deduct one letter grade for each reference from that Newspaper and if you used five NYT references on a research paper, he would fail that paper. As it was the students could buy the NYT at a steep student discount. Now if the NYT wants to sue that professor for saying that, they will have to locate the cemetery and exhume his body to take him to court. By the way that professor held a Phd., was Phi Beta Kappa, CPA and Black Pyramid (that is a straight 4.0 average). Also, he would take the papers to the library and check your reference sources, so don’t think about cheating.

  3. all the above are true, local paper broke, but blame on computer. Don’t think the lack of news/balanced is problem.

  4. The Hartford courant is the most leftist piece of trash in my part of this super blue state. I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. I’m sure there many more in this state.

  5. Seems like a LOT of folks are doing the SAME as you Bobby and keep it up as the LEFT thinks Biden Obama Clintons, are Beyond GUILT

    HAD to post thiks comment TWICE

  6. When local papers go back to reporting local incidents truthfully instead of cheerleading for progressive policies that are destroying the USA both on the local and national level , I might subscribe to one.

    • Totally agree. Our local paper are almost entirely biased towards the left. There’s very little honest reporting taking place, even at the local levels.

    • I agree the problem with the local news paper is that it is so left biased that it put me in a bad mood since there is enough of that on the internet that I can scroll past and not pay for it. Most of the articles are from MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, AP and a few other that have their own agenda so I stopped supporting and they can get their support from their liberal readers.

  7. The news owners of some papers, stations, cable or regular are awful. So are their journalists, reporters and columnists. They don’t hardly ever tell
    The truth. A few do. They mostly are very biased. They shouldn’ be allowed to talk or write for anybody. They are a disgrace to their profession and America. Where do
    They get their information???

    • Newspapers are dying by their own hands. They chose to be in bed with the liberals , let them die there. I am canceling my present newspaper after being a rabid news junkie for sixty years. I can’t stomach the crap being issued by the papers or the rabid clowns on cable. Conservatives better wake up and get some news and cable news service out there in the public domain with the truth before intelligent information completely disappears.

    • Victoria, you are so right. It’s sort of like they are committing suicide. It is beyond belief. I have discontinued my hometown newspaper twice. Restarted it once and now read it online. I delivered that newspaper as a kid, worked in the newspaper industry for 40 years in 4 different states across this country. The changes I have seen…oh boy!

  8. It’s so bad that our local rag, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, had to solicit funds from a nonprofit to hire two reporters. They ran the story about it on the front page. Their headline read “We need your support to hire reporters”. Yes, newspapers are in trouble and they’ve done it to themselves.

  9. Any News source should be giving news that is happening besides COVID-19!!!!What is happening with earthquakes, etc….I have to go to YOUTube to get info……..

  10. I will Never -Ever listen to local news or read news papers. All they do is LIE CHEAT and Steal from the American Public, Fake News. I now only watch OANN and Fox News and Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanne. Fair and Balanced.
    BOBBY ~!~

    • Seems like a LOT of folks are doing the SAME as you Bobby and keep it up as the LEFT thinks Biden Obama Clintons, are Beyond GUILT

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