Longest Serving Woman in Congress Speaks Against Democratic Party

Longest Serving Woman In Congress Speaks Against Democratic Party
  • Rep. Mary Kaptur (D-OH) has served in Congress since 1983. 
  • The lawmaker is in her 20th term and is the longest-serving woman in the House. 
  • Her district is largely working-class and she believes the Democratic Party is no longer serving them well.
  • Kaptur’s concerns are ones Republicans have echoed about the elite left for years.

(NewsReady.com) – Over the last several years, the Democratic Party has moved further and further to the Left. Some of the party’s most popular members and loudest voices are those who espouse socialist ideals like Medicare-for-All, free college, and high taxes. The GOP has been trying to sound the alarm, but the party’s leaders haven’t listened to anything from their colleagues on the Right.

However, it’s not just Conservatives who have a problem with the direction the party is going.

Longest-Serving Woman in Congress Speaks Out

On February 2, The Hill published an interview with Rep. Mary Kaptur (D-OH), the longest-serving woman in the House of Representatives. The 74-year-old congresswoman expressed concerns about the direction the party is going, especially the fact that many of the big city Liberals “can’t understand” the concerns of the working class.

Kaptur talked about a recent confrontation that she had while discussing the economic problems in the midwest. One of her Dem colleagues, whom she did not name, reportedly told her, “Well, Congresswoman Kaptur, the answer is: Leave.” As the daughter of a union organizer, the representative said she was appalled by how “insensitive” members of her own party were being.

According to Kaptur, 19 of the top 20 wealthiest districts in the country are represented by Democrats, making her feel like she is a minority because her constituents are members of the working class, not the elite class.

The Liberal Elite

Kaptur isn’t the only member of Congress who doesn’t think the Democratic Party represents the people; the GOP has been saying this for years. The Left is so focused on radicalizing the government, they’ve ignored the problems hardworking Americans face every day. The only solution to the problem is to vote them out, and replace them with people who are actually going to help families.

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