Maintaining American Leadership Abroad: What We Need to Do

Maintaining American Leadership Abroad: What We Need To Do

( – On January 6, Congress will come together for a joint session to certify the election. Although the Electoral College shows Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump, that could change if Republican senators and representatives challenge the vote. That might be necessary if they want to maintain American leadership abroad.

President Donald Trump is often trashed for his foreign policy by Democrats because they don’t think his relationships with foreign leaders are chipper enough. Meanwhile, he’s been busy getting things done.

The president sparred with China by sanctioning people connected to its government for human rights abuses against the Uyghurs. He formed relationships with Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean President Kim Jong-un. Trump also convinced leaders in Central America to help with the migrant caravans and asylum seekers.

Unfortunately, his strong diplomatic leadership across the globe is in danger of being destroyed if Joe Biden wins the presidency. America will once again be considered weak and other countries will take advantage of the US and its allies. The only thing standing in between that happening is Congress. Voters need to rise up and make their voices heard by calling their representatives if they want to stop the steal.

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