Male Ballet Dancers Take Over Times Square in Protest

Male Ballet Dancers Take Over Times Square in Protest
  • CBS news anchor Lara Spencer recently interviewed Prince William.
  • The conversation eventually turned to little Prince George’s ballet lessons.
  • Spencer allegedly insinuated that ballet was too “girly” for the little boy.
  • Professional ballet dancers became incensed and quickly responded.

A disastrous interview between CBS anchor Lara Spencer and Prince William on GMA recently took a slight turn as listeners gasped at her response on air.

Speaking about the beloved Prince George, and asking how school was going, William stated that his son will study the basics, like math and history. But he also clarified that the young regent will be exposed to more artistic topics, such as poetry and ballet.

Spencer’s response was slightly insensitive. She chuckled, “Oh he looks so happy about the ballet class.” The Prince responded by remarking that his son adores ballet. Again, she added the final jab by saying “I have news for you, we will see how long that lasts.”

Backlash from the media quickly followed. The idea that she may have been dismissive over male dancers who practice ballet, or any dance, really, drummed up a lot of emotion and outcry — especially from the dance community. The biggest rebuttal against her words occurred when ballet dancers staged a protest at Times Square, just outside the GMA studios.

Spencer aired a segment going the opposite direction shortly afterward. She hoped that by trying to educate herself and others on the impact male dancers have on society in general, she could reverse the problem.

The news anchor sat down with ballet stars Travis Wall, Robbie Fairchild and Fabrice Calmels; each had something different to share.

Wall focused on how the show he choreographs, “So You Think You Can Dance,” has impacted boys to fall in love with dance. Many boys have started to dance because of the show and I am proud to represent it.” said Wall.

Spencer tried to save herself by reiterating the impact her interview had on viewers and male dancers around the world. “Words hurt and I am sorry. I screwed up!” She later said the men accepted her apology.

It didn’t end there. Outside of the GMA studio, hundreds of male dancers made their stance by conducting a dance class in Times Square. Some held up signs like “Boys dance too” and “I wish I started dancing at 6!”

Ballet is a beloved and very much admired profession worldwide. Spencer’s response fuelled controversy by implying the stereotype that it’s a girly hobby and it’s hard for some to get past that. In truth, male dancers have to work every bit as hard as females to perfect their craft.

If the mainstream media wants to be respected, they need to keep sexism topics like this respectful, informative and encouraging. Leave the opinions and remarks to the readers… not the hosts.

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