Man Arrested After Gunfight With His Refrigerator

Man Arrested After Gunfight With His Refrigerator

( – Sometimes life comes at you fast. That was the case for a Washington man who reacted badly to a loud noise. Now, he’s internet famous for all the wrong reasons.

At the end of July, a man in Yakima thought he heard gunshots coming from below a refrigerator. So, he did what any totally responsible person would do: pulled out a gun he wasn’t supposed to be in possession of and shot at the fridge. When officers responded to the scene, the man was in an alleyway “yelling incoherently” and the gun was lying in the street.

After an investigation, the police learned the loud noise the man heard was actually a soda can exploding. In fact, he was placing soda in the fridge when the explosion happened.

The man had a different story. He said he fired the weapon after the people living in the basement tried to shoot him. According to the police, there wasn’t anyone living in the basement because it did not exist. The house had no cellar.

Officers took the man to jail and charged him with discharging a firearm and the unlawful possession of a gun. Hopefully, he’ll get help so nothing like that ever happens again.

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