Man Arrested for Altering Governor’s Voter Registration

Man Arrested For Altering Governor's Voter Registration

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies, making him a prime target. Recently, his voter registration was affected and one man is now in jail for the crime.

On October 26, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began investigating an attack on DeSantis’ voter information. The governor went to the polls to cast his ballot when he was alerted that his primary address was changed to one in West Palm Beach, which would have also changed his voting precinct. He said he did not authorize the change and the police got involved.

That investigation led to the arrest of 20-year-old Anthony Guevara of Naples. Law enforcement officers say he allegedly used a computer to alter DeSantis’ voter registration. He’s also accused of accessing Senator Rick Scott’s (R-FL) information and that of NBA players LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

DeSantis wasn’t allowed to vote temporarily, though he was eventually able to cast his ballot. Police have not said what the suspect’s motives were, but his attorney claimed he was showing how vulnerable the system is.

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