Man Faces 17-Year Sentence for Selling This Deadly Drug

Man Faces 17-Year Sentence for Selling This Deadly Drug
  • The opiate epidemic continues to rage in several major cities across the US.
  • OxyContin, an extremely potent narcotic, continues to be widely abused.
  • Multiple pharmaceutical companies have been sued over the drugs.
  • Now, at least one man faces a 17-year sentence for his role in the epidemic.

Oxycontin, a highly addictive opioid painkiller, is prescribed by doctors around the country to treat chronic pain. It’s also widely available on the streets as a drug of abuse.

A new dangerous trend has street chemists lacing oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, with the potent synthetic fentanyl. This creates a euphoric high and sometimes, intense sedation (“the nods”).

Fentanyl is nearly 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine, making it extremely dangerous even in microscopic quantities. Even coming into contact with trace amounts can produce overdose symptoms within a few minutes – and that’s exactly why it’s so attractive to dealers.

California is no exception to the overdose epidemic. They, too, have been struggling to regain control over access to illegal opiates. In fact, local authorities just wrapped up a lengthy investigation honing in on one of LA’s biggest drug lords.

Orange County drug dealer Wyatt Pasek was recently sentenced to 210 months in prison for selling counterfeit “Oxys” laced with synthetic fentanyl, according to the DOJ. It was an elaborate scheme to cover up the fentanyl contaminant and make the drugs look like regular pain killers.

Pasek has a known criminal past, with three prior drug-related charges that include money laundering, felony possession of a firearm and participating in a drug trafficking ring.

Investigators, including the DEA, had been observing the whereabouts of Pasek and his associates, Duc Cao and Isaiah Suarez. NYDN reporter Kassidy Vavra reports that investigators uncovered over 100,000 fake pills during the operation, including 13 pounds of fentanyl, hundreds of Xanax pills and piles of cash.

Pills were mainly distributed through the US Mail and also made their way through the dark web marketplace, where they were sold privately.

Fortunately, the ring was busted and federal agents intercepted most, if not all, of the packages. Otherwise, the pills could have cost the lives of hundreds.

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  1. So, why aren’t the big pharma and FDA dealers not going to prison for blatant disregard of the laws they violate. This number should also include their co-conspirers in politics. Jail everyone involved and see how quickly things change, these are the real cancer of America.

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