Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Supreme Court, Later Dies

Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Supreme Court, Later Dies

Supreme Court ROCKED – Terrible Death Reported

( – On April 22, a man set himself on fire outside of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS). He was air flighted to the hospital for treatment, but died the next day. The country is learning a little bit more about what prompted the man to take his own life in such a painful and public way.

According to The New York Times, the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC, identified the man as Wynn Bruce of Boulder, Colorado. The 50-year-old was reportedly a climate change activist who decided self-immolation was the best way to bring attention to his cause. One of his friends, Dr. Kritee Kanko, a climate scientist, told her Twitter followers Bruce’s death wasn’t a suicide. She called it a “deeply fearless act of compassion” to bring attention to the issue.

Douglas Bruce, 78, told The Washington Post that he also believes his son lit himself on fire because of a “concern for the environment.” His father said he’d tried to do something similar in 2017, outside of the World Trade Center in NYC. That time, he was stopped by onlookers before he could hurt himself. He told the WaPo that he spoke to his son days before his suicide and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The elder Bruce said he respects his son’s decision.

Police are still investigating the incident.

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