Mass Casualty Suspect Out on Bail, Despite Checkered Past

Mass Casualty Suspect Out on Bail, Despite Checkered Past

( – As District Attorneys across the nation congratulate each other on abolishing or severely reducing bail as in the case of Darrell E. Brooks, parents mourn the passing of the latest Waukesha victim. The numbers just keep adding up, and now an eight-year-old boy becomes the sixth death in the Waukesha parade massacre. It’s hard to call it anything else, and even harder to understand how a man with so many red flags even had the opportunity to commit this horrific act.

Brooks had a detailed and recent history of violence and instability. Even his social media account is like an advertisement for violence.

At the time of the parade, Brooks was already facing two felonies and three misdemeanors, almost all related to violence. Incredibly, he was released just days before the incident on a $1,000 bond, though one of his charges includes bail jumping, an event that involves a defendant bonding out of jail but failing to show up for court or follow other court orders.

Normally, such a charge would result in the inability to perform some actions by serving a sentence via house arrest, much less getting out on bond for other charges.

In total, 62 people were injured in the event, 18 of which were children. Currently, Darrell is facing five counts of homicide, but that could change pending the developments of those who were injured.

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