Mayor de Blasio Says He’s Not Running for Governor

Mayor De Blasio Says He's Not Running for Governor

( – Rumors have swirled about the possibility former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio might throw his hat into the ring for governor. After months of speculation, the Democratic politician has finally revealed his plans.

On Tuesday, January 18, de Blasio posted a video on Twitter announcing he isn’t running for governor of the Empire State. Instead, he claimed he’s going to fight inequality.

While the decision from the former mayor will likely make his supporters unhappy, Conservatives will probably be thrilled. De Blasio wasn’t known as a uniting figure in the city. During his time in office, he clashed with Republicans, the police, religious groups, and the people of NYC.

Crime skyrocketed in the city over the last couple of years. According to the NYPD, it rose 21.3% in November 2021, compared to November 2020. He often clashed with police, criticizing them for allegedly being aggressive.

The former mayor also locked down the city during the COVID-19 pandemic. He put a vaccine passport in place, banning the unvaccinated from using public venues, and forced city workers to get the jab, or lose their jobs. When de Blasio left office, many people celebrated his departure, and now it looks like the people of the state won’t have to deal with him, either.

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