McDonald’s ‘No Quit’ Notice Forbids Employees From Quitting; Sparks Debate

( – Imagine going to work and learning that you aren’t able to quit your job. The very thought might sound absurd to you, but that’s what one McDonald’s franchise tried to tell its workers. Now, the controversy has sparked a debate.

A Reddit user recently posted a photo of a sign at a McDonald’s franchise. It stated that the restaurant valued its employees’ “growth and contributions.” Then under it, the octagon-shaped sign read, “THIS IS A NO-QUIT RESTAURANT” in bold red letters. Underneath, it goes on to explain that management believes “many situations can be resolved,” therefore, the restaurant’s policy is that a worker isn’t allowed to “quit until he or she talks to the Restaurant Manager or the Area Supervisor.” It then goes on to list the contact information for those individuals.

Of course, internet users laughed at the sign. Others pointed out that the policy was completely unenforceable and people would do whatever they wanted.

Not everyone thought the “Hotel California” policy of hiring employees and never letting them leave was such a bad idea. Reddit users pointed out that asking workers to speak to the top managers at the restaurant is a great way to let them know they are supported. After all, fast-food restaurants do have a high turnover rate, as much as 150% per year.

User u/HoGoNMero explained it was like the sign was saying that if one of the managers was being nasty, then the employee should “call the store manager or franchise owner” so that they can “do what it takes to keep” them from leaving. Another person said they thought the restaurant was just trying to do what it could to “catch workplace issues that shouldn’t be happening” so that it wasn’t costing them employees.

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