Meat Plants Could Soon Be Under Trump’s Orders

Meat Plants Could Soon Be Under Trump's Orders

( – A few weeks ago we reported on how a major pork manufacturer was threatened by the coronavirus infecting its workers. That was just a sign of things to come for the meat industry. Now, beef, pork, and poultry packing plants are scrambling to stay operational while keeping their employees and customers safe. President Donald Trump is looking into the problem.

Over a two-month period, pork processing has reduced by 25% and beef by 10%. Currently, American meat supplies in storage can last about two weeks if production were to completely halt right now. While we still have a few weeks before a worst-case scenario happens, production would need to remain relatively stable to ensure Americans have easy access to protein.

There’s a real threat of a meat supply shortage and Trump could be taking action to remedy this. On April 28, the president signaled the industry could be an essential service and might sign an order to address liability concerns for Tyson Food Inc., and other animal processing companies. In order to help them stay open, the government would also provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for the workers.

The White House is working closely with meat producer executives to ensure that grocery stores can continue to be safely stocked with staple sources of protein.

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  1. Perhaps all China assets in the US could be taken against some of the losses the US has sustained because of China virus!!

  2. A larger problem is that Smithfield Meat Plants, and 145,000 farm acres, were purchased by Communist China along with 7 other industries, during Obama’s term of 2012-2016. China also, made a deal with Tyson and agribusiness chicken farmers, regarding the processing of chickens. This should be investigated, since China has been the origin of many viruses including SARS, and the Hong Kong Flu. It also has put many American pensions at risk, as mentioned on Fox, to feed into China’s defense program, which may come back to us as another threat. China also purchased Starwood hotels, which may reap the bailouts, as small businesses may not. Something else, that needs to be researched. This was another reason that President Trump wanted to protect America from globalism.

  3. Make sure illegals stay out of plants too. Green Bay has two meat pkg plants and majority are questionable. Jobs are good paying if…… can get

  4. Meat plants are just the beginning of more and more infrastructure problems that will require special handling and special processing to ensure that the final product is safe for consumption and safe for workers at these plants. Be prepared for increased pricing and limits on meats for awhile. Like here in South Texas. A popular grocery store chain, is limiting how much meat you can purchase. This of course varies from area to area.

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