Medvedev Hopes For Kyiv And Washington To Burn “In Earthly Fire”

( – One of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s closest political allies has unleashed an alarming rant against the US. Former President Dmitri Medvedev blamed this country for a missile attack on Russian-occupied Korea. He also repeated his boss’ nuclear threats.

On July 23, Medvedev, who served as Russia’s figurehead president from 2008 to 2012 to help Putin get around the country’s term limits, posted a furious and unbalanced statement on the social media app Telegram. In the diatribe, he accused the US and Ukraine of being jointly responsible for several deaths on a beach in Crimea. The Crimean peninsula is legally part of Ukraine but has been occupied by Russia since 2014. On June 23, Ukraine fired five US-made ATACMS missiles at a Russian naval base in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol. One of the missiles was shot down by Russian air defenses, but fragments, including what appeared to be submunitions from its warhead, fell on a beach near the city. The Russian media claims the missile debris killed five people and injured at least 100.

Medvedev, ignoring the fact that the naval base is a legitimate military target and Russia caused the alleged casualties by shooting down the missile over a beach, blamed Ukraine and the US for the civilian deaths. He said, “The b******s from the USA supply missiles… and help guide them to the target,” and accused Ukraine of deliberately targeting the beach. Calling it a “vile terrorist attack,” he said the US and Ukraine “will burn in hell.” That was bad enough, but then he went on to say he hopes both countries will burn “even earlier—in earthly fire.”

Mentions of “earthly fire” sound a lot like a nuclear threat, and Medvedev is a huge fan of Russia’s nuclear arsenal. On June 22, the day before the missile attack, he called US proposals for a new treaty on reducing nuclear arsenals “absurdity, madness, delirium of a madman.”

From the Western point of view, Medvedev, who seems to think Ukraine is ruled by a 1940s nationalist leader assassinated by the KGB in 1959, looks more like a madman himself.

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