Meet Trump’s Legal Defense Team

Meet Trump's Legal Defense Team
  • This marks the first time that Trump’s legal team will present a defense directly to Congress.
  • Trump’s team is comprised of many with previous experience with impeachment.
  • The president’s White House and personal lawyers are focused on convincing at least 34 Senators to side with him.
  • Countering Gordon Sondlad, US Ambassador to the EU, is among the team’s top priorities.

( – Now that the Senate impeachment proceedings are underway, Trump’s legal defense team is in action. Some expected his defense team to include House Republicans who spent many hours listening to depositions and continuing to defend the president. Instead, members of Trump’s legal team were handpicked to accomplish their collective goal of arguing why the president’s actions can’t be categorized as high crimes and misdemeanors.

Here’s the rundown of President Trump’s legal defense team:

  • Pat Cipollone, White House counsel — Cipollone partially advised Trump during the 2016 debates and played a role in the Mueller investigation. He’s been the White House counsel since December 2018 and is playing a central role in the Senate impeachment process.
  • Patrick Philbin, deputy counsel to the president — Philbin and Cipollone are working closely together during these impeachment proceedings. He’s also served as associate deputy attorney general during the George W. Bush administration. Philbin aided the Justice Department in finding that a domestic spy program implemented after 9/11 was illegal.
  • Jay Sekulow, personal lawyer to Trump — Sekulow has represented Trump extensively, especially during the special counsel investigation. He’s played a very active role in fighting against requests from New York to see the president’s financial records.
  • Kenneth W. Starr, former independent counsel — Starr’s experience is invaluable because he has direct experience in dealing with impeachment proceedings. Specifically, Starr led a five-year-long investigation into Bill Clinton, eventually revealing the former president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. His experience with Clinton’s impeachment will prove useful for Trump.
  • Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor — Dershowitz initially voted for Hillary Clinton in 2019, but has since become a staunch legal defender of President Trump. He played an important role in defending Trump during the special counsel investigation of Russian election interference claims.
  • Pam Bondi, former Floria attorney general — Bondi may have the most political experience among the bunch of Trump’s defense team. She was attorney general of Florida for eight years and now works for the White House giving guidance to congressional Republicans regarding impeachment and how to respond to the situation.
  • Michael Purpura, deputy White House counsel — Purpura entered the White House shortly after Democrats took control of the House. He also worked under the Bush administration, defending the former president from congressional inquiries.

Between all of these individuals, Trump has a strong legal defense team going into the next portion of impeachment hearings.

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