Melania Trump Attacks Media Propaganda Being Used as “Tool of Swamp Politicians”

Melania Trump Attacks Media Propaganda Being Used as

( – Melania Trump was on the campaign trail on Halloween to make a last-minute push for her husband. The usually subdued first lady did not hold back when she spoke about the press.

During a campaign event in West Bend, Wisconsin, Mrs. Trump applauded her husband’s accomplishments during his first term as president. Then, she hit the mainstream media, saying it’s been “disheartening” to see the breakdown of its integrity. The press is now a “political propaganda tool of swamp politicians.”

President Donald Trump has faced an extraordinary amount of hate from the mainstream media. Every night, Americans tune in to networks like CNN and MSNBC only to hear pundits trashing him. It seems as though he can do nothing right; the bias is astounding and infuriating.

Is it going to make a difference on Tuesday, November 3, when Americans make their way to the polls?

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