Melania’s Incredible Classy RNC Speech

Melania's Incredible Classy RNC Speech

( – The second night of the Republican National Committee (RNC) was just as good as the first, but it had a special guest. First Lady Melania Trump spoke on August 25 from the newly-renovated White House Rose Garden. Her speech was both heartfelt and empathetic, reminding voters just how great she is for the country.

During her speech, the first lady called on Americans to end the violence that’s gripping cities. Since May, there’ve been almost nightly riots taking place somewhere in the country. Both President Donald Trump and Melania want to see it end. She also extended her “deepest sympathy” to those who have lost loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melania implored people to vote for her husband in November, saying he’s the “best man” to run the country for another four years.

Watch her full speech:

Melania has spent much of her time in the White House working on her Be Best campaign, where she focuses on putting an end to bullying and lifting up children so they feel more confident.

The election is less than 70 days away, and Americans will get to decide whether they want her and President Trump to continue their legacy for another four years.

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