Men-Only Draft Questioned by Court

Men-Only Draft Questioned by Court

( – Currently, the military draft is not exclusively applicable to men. That’s now being challenged and having its constitutional validity questioned.

The National Coalition for Men (NCM) won a case where it was ruled that a male-only draft was unconstitutional in 2019:

The government appealed the ruling and now the Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case. The challenge will be heard a few weeks before a government commission will have a say on the matter.

The last draft in the US ended in 1972 during the Vietnam War. Although it hasn’t been enacted since then, men must still register with Selective Service when they turn 18. Women became eligible for combat roles in 2015, which brought challenges to the male-only draft.

Currently, there’s enough uncertainty regarding this case that predicting an outcome isn’t possible.

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  1. Few women are willing to die for their country, so this will guarantee political opposition to ANY war which is the ultimate goal of these cowards.

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