Mexican Drug Lords Shoot Five Police Officers After Drug Heist

( – Mexico’s drug war goes back decades, but it’s been particularly bad since 2006. That’s when the government declared war on the cartels. Since then, the country has had nearly 400,000 homicides, most related to cartel violence. Recently, five cops were killed after drug lords hunted people they believed stole from them.

The saga began in mid-November, when prosecutors say about half a dozen state and local police officers in Tijuana planned to steal a shipment of drugs from a warehouse where drug lords were storing it. Video of the incident made the rounds and showed the officers leaving the warehouse with big bales of cocaine wrapped in plastic. The Associated Press reported that State Prosecutor Maria Elena Andrade Ramírez said three Tijuana municipal police officers and three state detectives were under investigation.

Authorities now say two of the officers suspected of carrying out the theft were killed. And at least three other cops were also killed, bringing the total to five. One of the men was killed in a hail of gunfire within an hour of the theft. Another one of the detectives was shot to death at a gas station. There was evidence that he saw the assassin and tried to flee, but only got a few feet away. An unnamed official said the detective had refused to go into the witness protection program in return for his testimony.

Alberto Capella, the former head of the police force, told the AP that the drugs might have belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel, one of the most dangerous gangs in Mexico. The cartel reportedly knew who carried out the theft almost immediately and set out for retribution.

Those weren’t the only killings in Mexico in recent days. In another incident, in the state of Zacatecas, six people were killed in a shootout between cartel members. Police also found two other people wounded and a suspect armed with a grenade and guns.

Zacatecas is an area that is home to a battle between the Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels.

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