MI6 Calls on Russians to Join Ukraine Efforts as Spies

  • The war in Ukraine is in its 18th month.
  • Putin and Zelenskyy are not negotiating to bring the conflict to an end.
  • The head of MI6 wants Russians to join his spy agency.
  • The head spy thinks the war could be ended with the help of ordinary citizens.

(NewsReady.com) – The Russian war in Ukraine is barreling full speed ahead. When President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of the neighboring country, reports indicate he thought it would be a quick win. However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his people turned out to be more of a formidable opponent than the Russian leader expected, especially with the help of their Western allies. As the war appears to be approaching its two-year anniversary, many are ready for it to end.

One of those who would like to see the conflict end is the head of Britain’s intelligence service. He’s now calling on average Russians to help his country stop the war.

Call to Action

On July 19, Sir Richard Moore, the head of MI6, spoke at the British embassy in Prague. He called on Russians to “join hands” with the intelligence service. He explained that he believed the Russian people were witnessing the “infighting and callous incompetence of their leaders” that has them wrestling with the same issues their predecessors faced during the Prague Spring in 1968. That’s when the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia to suppress a liberal uprising.

Moore explained that by joining the intelligence service as spies, he believed Russian citizens could “work to bring the bloodshed to an end.” His remarks come weeks after Putin faced his first serious uprising when the head of the Wagner mercenary group ordered his troops to march to Moscow to reportedly try to oust the Kremlin’s military chiefs.

Cracks in Putin’s Control?

Although the rebellion ended almost as quickly as it started, it highlighted cracks within the country. There were reports that Yevgeny Prigozhin thought he might have had support within the Russian military when he launched the rebellion. Hundreds of thousands of Russians have fled the country since the beginning of the war, concerned that they may be forced to join the fight, signaling that some citizens may also not support the conflict.

Still, it’s unclear if any Russians would actually take the steps to join the British intelligence agency. It’s well known that Putin does not have any appetite for traitors. Joining the enemy would be a very dangerous endeavor for anyone who set out to do it.

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