Michael Jackson’s Nephew Is Headed for a New Role

Michael Jackson's Nephew Is Headed for a New Role

(NewsReady.com) – Michael Jackson began singing with his brothers in 1964 when he was just a small child. He spent nearly his entire life in the music industry and became known as the “King of Pop.” Sadly, he passed away in 2009 at just 50 years old from an accidental drug overdose. Nearly 14 years after his death, one of his nephews will play him in an upcoming biopic.

On January 30, Jaafar Jackson announced he would portray his uncle in a film about his famous uncle. The 26-year-old son of Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s older brother, said he is “humbled and honored to bring” his uncle’s “story to life.”

The film, titled “Michael,” will reportedly explore the journey of the late singer. According to BBC, Lionsgate, the film studio, said the movie will include Michael’s “most iconic performances that led him to become the greatest entertainer of all time.” Jaafar was reportedly picked after the producers searched widely to find someone to play the star. Antoine Fuqua will direct the film. He is known for films such as “Training Day,” “Tears of the Sun,” and “The Equalizer,” among others.

Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, was happy her grandson was chosen to play the role. She said, “Jaafar embodies my son.” She went on to explain that she is thrilled he is going to carry on the family’s “legacy of entertainers and performers.”

Jaafar Jackson was born in Los Angeles in 1996. He is a singer and songwriter. When he was younger, he actually wanted to be a golfer, but his life took a different direction. The film about his uncle will be his first movie role.

It’ll undoubtedly be interesting to see how Jaafar handles the role of his widely talented, but incredibly complicated uncle. One advantage of his playing the role is that he has an inside look into the family that shaped the King of Pop, the good and the bad.

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