Migration Surge Prompts Border Patrol to Close Railroad Crossings in El Paso and Eagle Pass

(NewsReady.com) – Migrants often use the rail system in Central America and Mexico, jumping on the rail cars to make the trip to the border easier. A surge in migration has led to a shutdown of trains along the southern frontier.

On December 17, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a statement notifying the public that it was temporarily shutting down operations at the international railway crossing brides in El Paso and Eagle Pass, Texas. The agency explained the decision was the result of a surge in migration in the area and it needed to “redirect personnel.” They accused smugglers of spreading disinformation to “vulnerable individuals,” and there was a resurgence of those smugglers using the freight trains to bring migrants into the US from Mexico.

According to reports, hundreds of migrants tried to cross the northbound railroad bridge four months ago. The influx was reportedly the result of a fake rumor that the US was going to open its borders on August 8.

After CBP shut down the railway, they sent agents to the border crossings to arrest migrants who used the trains to get into the US illegally. The federal agency partnered with Mexican authorities in its mission. CBP stated it had made several “operational adjustments in order to maximize [its] ability to respond, process, and enforce consequences.”

El Paso’s online dashboard showed there were more than 1,500 CBP encounters each day. There were over 2,600 migrants in custody and more than 360 daily releases.

Republicans have demanded President Joe Biden make changes to border policy if he wants Ukrainian aid. They believe lax policies have led to the crisis along the border and are demanding change. They were in negotiations for weeks but were unable to reach an agreement. A deal won’t come for weeks, though, because Congress is currently on vacation until the new year.

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