Milwaukee Teenager Accused of Bringing a Foldable Pistol to Class

( – Trailblazer Firearms manufactures a folding gun known as LifeCard. The weapon is hard to detect because of how small it is. Recently, a student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was arrested for allegedly bringing one to school.

On September 11, police responded to North Division High School. According to reports, Larell Walker, 17, was allegedly flipping the gun open and closed during one of his classes. The educator asked the student what he was playing with, and he responded, “an attachment.” The teacher confiscated it and noticed it had a trigger. The principal was called to decide what to do.

The principal decided to call law enforcement, and they took the teenager into custody. TMJ 4 News reported the criminal complaint stated the gun was one that was easy to conceal and only fired one shot. It’s the “size of [a] small men’s wallet” when it’s folded completely. Trailblazer describes it as being no bigger than a stack of credit cards. It’s only 0.5 inches thin and weighs less than 7 ounces.

When law enforcement recovered the weapon at the school, it wasn’t loaded. Walker allegedly told police that he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong because it didn’t have a round in the chamber. The police read the student his rights, and an officer tried to interview him but stopped when he became “concerned [the suspect] did not understand his rights.”

Milwaukee Public Schools issued a statement about the incident, saying its “number one priority” is safety. It went on to say that district staff “follows [the] code of conduct to address consequences for anyone” who has violated the “safety of the learning environment.”

The student is being charged as an adult. He’s facing one count of possession of a firearm on school grounds, which is a felony. If convicted, he faces a $10,000 fine and 3.5 years in prison.

Parents are asking officials how a student was able to get the gun in school in the first place. Whitney Taylor, the mother of a student who attends the school, told WISN 12 News, “Danger. They are in danger. It’s not okay.”

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