MLB Team First To Use Facial Authentication to ID Game Attendees

( – Waiting in line at the ballpark and trying to keep track of tickets and members of the group has always been one of the most annoying parts of going to a game. Thanks to a new program, fans of one Major League Baseball (MLB) team will have a much easier time walking through the gates to their seats.

The Philadelphia Phillies are rolling out Go-Ahead Entry. It’s a face-authentication program that allows baseball fans to walk through the gates at the ballpark quickly. According to the MLB website, it’s pretty simple to use.

Fans need to download the latest version of the league’s Ballpark app. Then, they will want to ensure all of their tickets are linked to the MLB Ballpark account. Once they are at Citizens Bank Park, they should go to the First Base Gate and get into the Go-Ahead Entry line. When they walk up to the entry gate, facial authentication cameras will scan their faces and automatically scan tickets. There’s no need for the fans to have their phones in their hands for this; it’s all done hands-free.

That’s it. Once the cameras scan everyone, they enter the park and enjoy the game.

Currently, Go-Ahead Entry is only offered at the First Base Gate. However, there’s a plan in place to make it available at more entry points next season. MLB officials said the new entry method allows fans to “enjoy the ultimate hands-free, free-flow experience entering the ballpark with their eyes up.”

If fans are iffy about facial recognition software, that’s okay. The league has made it voluntary, so nobody is forced to enroll if they don’t want to. The facial scans are deleted afterwards, and only a numerical token is saved on the user’s account.

Teens 18 and younger are not allowed to enter the Go-Ahead Entry gates unless they are with a legal guardian or registered parent.

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