Mockery Renewed As Donald Trump Allegedly Nods Off Again In Court

( – Former President Donald Trump is on trial for multiple felonies in New York City. The judge has required him to attend the trial every day, just like any other criminal defendant. The presumptive GOP nominee is now being mocked by the Left for allegedly falling asleep in the courtroom.

On May 13 and 14, Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen was on the stand. The disgraced lawyer has already served prison time for the crimes the former president is accused of participating in. The media dubbed Cohen the “star witness” and he testified that Trump ordered him to pay a former adult film star $130,000 to stay silent about an alleged affair they had. The ex-attorney claimed the FPOTUS told him that he would repay the money and directed him to falsify legal invoices to include the $130,000.

There aren’t any cameras in the courtroom, but reporters claimed that Trump appeared to fall asleep multiple times during the trial. Liberals began mocking him again for reportedly nodding off. Memes quickly circulated the internet.

President Joe Biden’s campaign mocked Trump, calling him “feeble.”

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) attacked Trump over the allegations. He said that, as a former prosecutor, he could definitively say it’s “not normal” for defendants to fall asleep in court. Lieu said there should be an investigation into his “physical and mental issues,” and he “can’t be president.”

A courtroom sketch circulated of Trump sleeping with a caption that said, “Not woke.”

A photo that read “Don Snoreleone is The Nodfather” also went viral.

Not everyone jumped on the bandwagon and attacked the former POTUS. Fox News’ Jesse Watters defended Trump and said he wasn’t sleeping, he was “meditating.” Watters claimed the former president could close his eyes and be okay with it because he’s not defensive about being “old and tired.”

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