“Monster” Murders Parents During Standoff, According To Police

(NewsReady.com) – A terrifying scene unfolded in Tampa, Florida, the night before Father’s Day. A teenager killed his parents and injured a deputy who responded to the call. That officer has now been released from the hospital.

On June 15, Rebecca Ann Themelis, 48, called 911 and reported that her husband, 51-year-old Christos Byron Themelis, was shot. During the phone call, deputies heard more gunshots. The woman and her 19-year-old son, Christos Alexander Themelis, Jr., were outside when law enforcement arrived at their home.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department released Deputy Shane McGough’s body-cam footage to show what happened next. The deputy pleaded with Rebecca to get away from her son while he shouted at deputies that he had a gun.

“Ma’am, come here. Ma’am, come here. Ma’am, walk to me,” McGough pleaded with the woman.

Suddenly, the teenager shot his mom in the back of the head and then started firing at deputies. McGough suddenly screamed and dropped to the ground, telling his colleagues he had been hit and asking for a tourniquet. The suspect then entered his home and locked himself inside. The department’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, and SWAT Team responded to the scene and discovered the suspect dead in the home.

In a press conference, Sheriff Chad Chronister called the teenager a “monster” and said he murdered his parents. He explained that at least five deputies fired at the suspect after he shot his mom. The deputy was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa in stable condition.

Reports have revealed the deadly incident wasn’t the first time the teen was violent. Deputies have responded to the home at least 10 times since 2021. In March, law enforcement got a risk protection order under the state’s red flag law and confiscated his guns after he was deemed mentally unfit. Unfortunately, criminals don’t respect laws, and he got another weapon that he turned on his family.

In a follow-up post on social media, Chronister revealed McGough received surgery on his leg. His doctors placed a metal rod in his leg to repair his shattered tibia. The deputy will take at least three months to recover from the shooting. He was released from the hospital on June 17. A video shows his colleagues surrounding him and clapping as he is wheeled to an awaiting vehicle.

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