More COVID-19 Spending Packages

More COVID-19 Spending Packages

( – Earlier this month, President Donald Trump signed a substantial $8.3 billion COVID-19 spending package. He still wants to do more to stabilize the economy. The Senate is considering a second economic stimulus bill that would provide a more direct effect.

The $850 billion package includes payroll taxes and other mechanisms to provide direct aid to the American people. Of that, $50 billion of that will go to the struggling airline industry.

Aid to small businesses is also a primary concern. Senators earmarked $100 billion of the new bill to provide paid sick leave for workers affected by the virus. Congress is hammering out the final details of the emergency spending package now.

As more information becomes available, count on us to keep you updated.

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  1. Would someone in fed gov. Please tell us wether or not those of us who draw are ss checks are going to get be apart of the stimulus we are have extra expenses and we are a part of the economy as well signed Ratpatrol

  2. I and my wife are RETIRED we receive SS checks 4th WED. every month will this stemless pagkage cover US? hope so.

  3. This nothing more than political and Media hysteria. A few years ago the corona virus would have been hardly mentioned. There are 7 different strains of Corona virus and most have been around for years. Look on an older Lysol can, it says it will kill corona virus. Why would it say that if it did not already exist. The last last three corona viruses have link to respiratory systems. MERS-CoV ( middle east respiratory syndrome ) SARS-CoV ( severe acute respiratory syndrome ) and SARS-CoV-2 ( also known as COVID-19 ) They cause you to be more susceptible to pneumonia and that is what you can die from. This is why the projected death toll is only 7 tenths of a percent higher than the flue. Right now the numbers are showing it to be lower. Stop the panic and the economy will take care of it’s self.

  4. He could put an extra thousand dollars in each social security payment this month. We are the ones that helped build this great country. Now we have to pay someone to shop for us.

  5. I have a Airbnb and now have zero income with the shutdown of travel, which is totally necessary to stop this nightmare virus. This is our main source of income. What is available in financial aid to small businesses?

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