Mother KILLS CHILD – Look What She Said Afterwards!

Mother Kills Daughter, Calling Her

Mother Kills Daughter, Calling Her “Evil Child”

( – Melissa White Towne, 37, set out to take her child to the park on October 16, in Houston, Texas. Instead, she walked into the woods with the 5-year-old and allegedly murdered her. Her attorney is now blaming mental illness for the crime.

According to authorities, Towne is accused of making her daughter get on her knees while in the woods and then slitting her throat with a knife. The little girl fought for her life, but her mother placed a trash bag over her head; then, police say she strangled the child for upwards of 45 minutes. She then drove to the hospital, where a nurse discovered the little girl inside a mesh laundry bag.

Towne attended a hearing on October 18, where she was seen crying. KWTX reported her lawyer, James Stafford, spoke to the press after the hearing and said his client had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The disorder often includes symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thinking. Stafford also revealed Towne had been institutionalized at least nine times because of her issues.

The police affidavit states how Towne said she wanted to kill her 5-year-old daughter “because she was an evil child and did not want to deal with her anymore.” Child Protective Services reported the woman’s other kids, ranging from ages 2 to 18, had been living with family members at the time of the murder. Towne is charged with one count of capital murder on a child under age 10.

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