MS-13 Members Charged With Murder

MS-13 Members Charged With Murder

( – President Donald Trump has made law and order one of his top priorities during his time in office. Eradicating the transnational gang MS-13 has been at the top of the list. The recent arrest of five alleged members of the organization in Maryland is a perfect example of why he’s paid particular attention to this criminal enterprise.

Authorities in Baltimore County arrested the gang members in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Gabriela Alejandra Gonzalez Ardon. Police say the alleged murderers lured her to a park in 2019, where they killed her. Sgt. Vickie Warehime told FOX45 News the child lost her life because the gangsters thought she was “communicating to a rival gang.”

MS-13 is a vile and particularly violent organization. In July, President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr announced one of the members of the gang was charged with terrorism-related offenses. Barr also outlined some of the recent actions taken to fight the gang.

There’s no reason to doubt the mission to take down MS-13 will continue if Trump is reelected. The American people, however, have to decide if that’s what they want when they head to the polls on November 3.

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