MSM Host Tests Positive

MSM Host Tests Positive

( – Nobody is immune to COVID-19 and the positive tests of high-profile people across the world prove that. The virus is spreading quickly through the US and now it’s hit primetime television. On March 31, CNN host Chris Cuomo announced he has the coronavirus.

While it’s a serious situation, he’s taking it with some levity. In his announcement, Cuomo mentioned that his family seems “pleased” that he’s hidden away downstairs away from them.

Currently, Cuomo is feeling well and will continue to host his show from the basement of his house where he’s self-isolating.

For regular viewers, it must be a jarring (and slightly amusing) change to see a famed news anchor go from a high-production studio to his carpeted basement. Still, the fact that Cuomo’s still feeling well enough to do the news is encouraging. The World Health Organization says 80% of the people infected with coronavirus develop mild symptoms.

We can only hope that the television host, and everyone else impacted, enjoys a speedy recovery and their families stay safe too.

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  1. Talk trash it will come back to bite u. Hopefully maddow next and she loses power at the same time leaving her in the dark place she always lives in.

  2. I wish death on no one. This is not the way to behave folks. Just because Dems want Reps all to die, let us take the higher road. I wish Chris health and survival and keep his family safe. As for his truth and integrety in the news

    I barf along with you.

  3. I can’t help but wonder if he continued to work in studio when he had the flu. What a phony grand-stander.

  4. Hope he recovers quickly. Let’s just hope in self-isolation he reflects on his TDS and makes changes! Hey! I said hope, as small as that chance may be.

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