MSM Might Be Over Exaggerating Coronavirus

MSM Might be Over Exaggerating Coronavirus

( – With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, Americans are starting to worry about the possibility of infection. While cases of infected Americans is very low at 59, 42 of them being passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the likelihood of catching the virus is exceedingly low. That’s not what you might think with all of the media attention the virus has gotten recently, though.

President Trump criticized MSM networks for, in his view, making a bigger deal out of the coronavirus than is warranted.

Financial markets across the world have gone down, which may be partially caused by the media frenzy surrounding the coronavirus. Trump is especially concerned with the American stock market and ensuring that business keeps going on as usual. He doesn’t believe that the media is helping with his efforts to stabilize the country.

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  1. The main sewage stream media will always use fear mongering as their best and first weapon of choice. Especially when its the general public. Or better known as the human sheep. They believe anything their told and with properly edited video bites, you can make a monster a hero. Its like my comment, it can be held and even used against me in court or it could just slide into obscurity with no-one to even pay any notice at all.

  2. I never take the word of what the media says. I do my own research with reliable sources. I hope all citizens do the same. I like Fox News. It is a reliable source and I think an honest source. Read and make your own decisions. The media will do anything and say anything to try and discredit our president. President Trump is our salvation. He loves our country and will do all in his power to make it great. The Democrats are liars and cheats and all they care about is money and power.

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