Mueller Team Allegedly Wiped Phones

Mueller Team Allegedly Wiped Phones

( – Judicial Watch, a conservative foundation, has been investigating Robert Mueller’s Russia probe for a few months. The organization sued for access to many of the documents and recently succeeded. What it found was disturbing.

According to DOJ records, several phones belonging to members of Mueller’s team were wiped. The investigators gave a number of reasons for the data being deleted, including screen damage, forgotten passwords, and other excuses.

Andrew Weismann, one of Mueller’s deputies, claimed he “accidentally” deleted the information on his phone. Another deputy, Kyle Freeny, claimed the same thing happened to him after entering his password too many times.

The Mueller investigation was shrouded in secrecy while it was conducted. Now that it’s over and President Donald Trump has been cleared, many people are wondering what the investigators did. Running across information like this makes one wonder: What else was “accidentally” destroyed?

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