Multiple DC Staffers Diagnosed With COVID

Vaccinated Pelosi Aides Diagnosed With COVID

( – Last week, Texas Democrats fled their state to avoid doing their jobs. They went to Washington, DC to lobby Congress and the White House to support the For the People Act, a massive voting rights overhaul. While there, they apparently spread something other than their message.

On Monday, July 19, a spokesperson for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tested positive for COVID-19. A White House staffer also tested positive for the virus after attending the same event as the Pelosi aide. Both DC staffers reportedly contracted the virus after meeting with Texas lawmakers. Six of the Democrats from the Lone Star State tested positive, as well, and it looks like the outbreak started there.

The White House staffer and Pelosi aide were both vaccinated against the virus, but contracted breakthrough infections. The vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing infections, so this isn’t too surprising.

Texas lawmakers have now put their lobbying efforts on hold as everyone recovers. If they’re the ones who spread the infection, it’s important to note the Pelosi and Biden staffers wouldn’t be sick if the legislators had remained in their own state and done their jobs. Imagine that.

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