Music Legend Sinéad O’Connor Passes Away Age 56

( – Sinéad O’Connor (legally Shuhada’ Sadaqat) was unapologetically herself. She shot to fame in the 1990s because of her beautiful voice but became an icon because of her authenticity. Sadly, the world has now lost her.

On July 26, O’Connor’s family revealed the singer had passed away. Reports later indicated she was found dead in her London home. The police have said her death is not suspicious, but no cause is known at this time. The coroner will perform an autopsy and determine whether an investigation should take place. However, the results likely won’t be in for several weeks.

O’Connor was just 56 years old when she passed away. The Irish singer was known for her beautiful songwriting and incredible voice. In 1990, she released the single “Nothing Compares 2 U,” a cover of a Prince song. Her rendition of the song is often cited as what catapulted her to fame.

In 1991, she won the Grammy Award for best alternative music performance for the song. She made 10 albums throughout her career and sold millions of records.

In addition to her music, she became known for vocally expressing her opinions. She actually skipped the Grammy’s the year she won because she believed it was too commercialized. In 1992, she appeared on SNL and kicked a hornet’s nest when she ripped up a photo of Pope John Paul II to protest the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, an issue she regularly talked about throughout her life.

Artist Tim Burgess posted a tribute to the late singer when the news broke, saying she was “the true embodiment of a punk spirit” and never backed down, even when it “made her life more of a struggle.”

In 2022, O’Connor’s son, Shane, died by suicide at just 17 years old. His death absolutely wrecked her. She’d often talked about how he was a mama’s boy. In the weeks before her death, she expressed the sorrow she felt over his death, saying he was the only person who ever loved her “unconditionally.”

O’Connor is survived by her three living kids: Yeshua, Roisin, and Jake.

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