Mysterious Deaths Baffle Law Enforcement

Mysterious Deaths Baffle Law Enforcement

( – Cattle don’t usually just drop dead. Generally, there’s something recognizably wrong with an animal that dies suddenly. However, a string of deaths near Jamestown, North Dakota is leaving authorities confused.

On July 29, authorities found 58 pregnant cows dead on pasture leased by Brian Amundson for grazing on the Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. Fifteen cows survived, but they’d aborted their calves, which were almost full term. The animals should have given birth in September.

Stutsman County Sheriff’s Major Jason Falk told local news it seems the cows didn’t die from natural causes. They think the deaths may have had something to do with recent fires that burned $200,000 worth of hay on Amundson’s farm.

Amundson said the death of the cows was hard on him, even though his ranch has survived many problems in the past.

According to North Dakota State University Extension Veterinarian Gerald Stokka, experts ruled out a number of causes of death. The animals didn’t die from lightning, blue-green algae, anthrax, dehydration, nitrate toxicity, or clostridial disease.

Anyone with information about the deaths can contact the Stutsman County Sheriff’s tip line at (701) 251-6232.

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