Nancy Pelosi Says She Doesn’t Know Why There’s an “Attitude Of Lawlessness”

Nancy Pelosi Says She Doesn't Know Why There's an
  • Between 2019 and 2020, the homicide rate rose 30%.
  • Democrats are calling on cities to defund the police. 
  • Police officers across the country are working in a hostile environment.
  • Pelosi claims she doesn’t know why there’s an increase in crime.

( – Crime is on the rise across the United States. Much of it is in Democratically-led cities like Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. While crime rates skyrocket, Leftists around the country are calling on the same cities to defund the police.

Democrats have worked incredibly hard to ignore what’s going on around the country. They have more excuses than solutions, and some of them don’t have any answers at all.

Pelosi Is Confused

On Wednesday, December 15, a reporter asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to react to San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s announcement the day before her administration cracks down on crime. The mayor said criminals are destroying the city that the congresswoman represents, and said the city will be more aggressive with policy changes to put a leash on criminals.

Instead of elaborating on what the mayor of her district was talking about, Pelosi said the increase in crime is “absolutely outrageous.” She acknowledged there’s “an attitude of lawlessness” in America that “springs from I don’t know where.”

Pelosi then rambled on about the smash-and-grab robberies being the result of people “stealing for profit” and saying, “They have to prove where it came from.”

Weak on Crime

Pelosi claims she doesn’t know where the crime is coming from, but Democrats across the country have created an environment where criminals are given more rights than law-abiding citizens. More than a dozen suspects were taken into custody and charged with crimes related to the smash-and-grabs, yet all of them were released from custody. The majority were let out of jail without any bond at all. Perhaps that has contributed to the crime?

President Joe Biden has created an absolutely lawless mess on the Southern border. In October, one of the migrants the administration allegedly shipped to Florida in the middle of the night murdered a father of four who was sponsoring him. During a subsequent investigation, authorities discovered Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, an illegal immigrant, lied about his age and the administration didn’t properly vet him. Maybe the border crisis is contributing to the skyrocketing crime rate.

Law enforcement officials across the country have resigned from their positions after vaccine mandates and years of prolonged abuse by the Left have caused morale to plummet. Instead of supporting the men and women who risk their lives for Americans, Democrats have abandoned them. Could that be the reason crime is up?

Has Pelosi been living under a rock?

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